Important Messages

Y6 – Email attendance 17th July Event & School Sports Kit & Home Reader Book Return

2nd July 2020

2nd July 

Please could I ask you to email  to confirm if your child will be attending/not attending the Friday 17th July Y6 Special Leavers’ Presentation Event at 2.30 pm at school.

In addition, we are aware that many of our Year 6 children still have their sports leader t-shirts and possibly some school kit. Please could we ask either that you return these items to school on the 17th July at the Special Leavers’ Event or if you can drop them off at school.

Please could you also return your home reader book.

If you are dropping off at school can, you use the main office entrance (horseshoe), you will not be able to enter school but once you have alerted the office staff (ring button) they will collect your items from the door.

Thank you.



Y6 – Special Leavers’ Presentation Event – Friday 17th July at 2.30 pm

30th June 2020

This year is a year we will all never forget for many reasons.  As we turn our thoughts to the end of this school year we think of all our Year 6 children.  It is with regret that we aren’t able to mark their leaving the way we have in previous years.  It is with our Year 6 children in mind that we have decided to invite all Year 6 children back to school on Friday, 17th July at 2.30 p.m. for a special leavers’ presentation event (weather permitting!)  This event will give the Year 6 children the opportunity to say goodbye to their classmates and teachers for the time they have spent at St Vincent’s and the chance to have a degree of ‘closure’ on what has been an unprecedented academic year.

On Friday, 17th July, school will have finished at 2.00 p.m which means that by 2.30 p.m. the church car park will be free of traffic.

Please click here for more information about the event.

Y6 Students – Video Needed by Friday 26th June

24th June 2020

Year 6 Request – Reminder for Video by Friday 26th June

Emailed out to parents 19th June – in this email it included the wording required from your child – If you need this to be sent again please email


Thank you to those parents who have already sent in their video.


“Dear Parents,

We hope you are all safe and well. At this time of year, we would be preparing for various Leavers’ events for our Year Sixes but due the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, we are unable to do the things we planned. We would, however, still like to do a Leavers’ Assembly to mark our wonderful Year Sixes moving on to their new schools so we have planned a virtual assembly. We would like your child to say the words we have sent with this email, for you to video them saying the words and to email it back to us – we will do the rest. It would be brilliant if your child could wear their school uniform for the video you record of them saying their words. Also, could you please check that your child speaks clearly with good volume before you send the video to us. We will need the video of your child saying their words to be emailed back to school by Friday 26th June so that we have time to put all the videos together.

Many thanks for your support.
Mrs McGrail and Mr Dalton”

School Closed during Summer Holidays

23rd June 2020

Please note that school is closed during the summer holidays.

No Sun Lotion in School

23rd June 2020

22nd June

Key Worker Children

Please can we ask you not to send sun lotion in school.

Please can you apply before they attend school.


Weekly ‘Catch Up’ Emails

22nd June 2020

Weekly ‘catch up’ emails.

22nd June 2020

Dear Parent/Carers,

I hope you and your families are well.

As you are aware, school is only open for the children of key workers and vulnerable families. Last week, the numbers of children attending school increased significantly and the additional safety measures school has put in place seem to have worked well. However, it is regretful that school is unable to open to more children until further notice.

I am conscious that, as the present situation continues some children who are at home are starting to feel disconnected from school. It is with this in mind that I have asked all teaching staff to make weekly contact via email with all the children who are at home. The contact will be in the form of a pastoral, supportive email addressed to your child and sent via your email address.

Your child may respond to their email but will not receive a reply. The contents of your child’s response will form the basis of future weekly ‘catch up’ emails.

Thank you for your continued support,

Kind regards,

S Callaghan

Key Worker Survey Closed

3rd June 2020

Thank you to everyone who completed the Key Worker survey.  Please note that this survey is now closed.

Rosary – Week 4

22nd May 2020
We continue to pray the rosary at home during May as Pope Francis has asked us to, for the world, during the Co-Vid 19 pandemic. This week’s powerpoint has the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, one for each day this week, to pray with your child. Father James says the rosary and posts it on the St Vincent de Paul RC Church YouTube channel, on the following link:
Praying the rosary with children week 4