Important Messages

VOOSH October Bookings are available

12th October 2018

You can now book your child into the VOOSH club over the 2018 October Half Term.

You will need to email to request information and booking forms.

Or you can telephone them on 07594124638.

Or you can send them a message via facebook.





Entrance & Exit – School

8th October 2018

We hope you find the following information helpful.

Guidance for entrance into school

Please press button on silver keypad to request entrance into school.  The office staff will release the door if they recognise you and the message “door is unlocked” will appear on the keypad.  Please check this before pulling the door.  If you’re not recognised by staff, they will request more information.

If entering from the Church Car Park – please pull the left hand door.

If entering from the Staff Car Park – please pull the right hand door.


Exit from the school 

Press the big green button at the side of the door then

If exiting to the Church Car Park – push the right hand door

If exiting to the Staff Car Park – push the left hand door

KS2 Healthy Snack

5th October 2018

Can we remind parents as we are a healthy food school to only send in a piece of fruit or vegetable for the children’s snack.  Please don’t send in anything else.

Thank you.

Sports Activity Attendance Update

4th October 2018

For the safety of your child, if they have signed up for a weekly sports activity, we would ask you to inform school if she/he is not attending that night.

Please email .  Thank you.



Car Park

4th October 2018

We would remind you to please not use the disabled parking spaces if you do not hold a disabled car park badge.

Health and Safety Notice – Please can you not leave any children in cars on the car park unattended.

SCO — Parent Booking System – 18th October

4th October 2018

The system is now available for you to book your parents evening slot on the 18th October.    Slots can only be booked by you, the school office is unable to book them for you.    But if you have forgotten your log on details for SCOPay please contact the school at  All after school activities have been cancelled on parents evening.
Thank you

September Aftercare issued 1st Oct, due 15th Oct

1st October 2018

September Aftercare bills have been issued today 1st October.  They are due 15th October.  You can pay into the Aftercare Account 24995044 – Sort 05-07-22 by internet banking or voucher company.  Email or text 07860 005191 for balance enquiries or to inform of a payment.  Late payment will result in a charge.  Please note service can be withdrawn if no payment received.

If you have not already done so please can you supply school with an email address in order for the bill to be emailed to you.

Thank you.

Nut Allergies

1st October 2018

Please be aware that we have some children who have nut allergies in school.  Please refrain from sending in anything that contains nuts.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Primary School Admissions for September 2019

28th September 2018

If your child was born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015 your child will start primary school in September 2019.

No admission packs will be available this year from school.

Applications are being encouraged to be completed on line.

Please note you can access a computer at the Rochdale Council Offices at Number One Riverside in Rochdale.

The forms and more information is available on line.  Please click on the following link:-

The online admission system opens for primary school places on Monday 1st October 2018.

The closing date for applications is Tuesday 15th January 2019.

There are places available in some year groups. Please contact school for further information.