Year 2

Class 2S — Month of May

During the month of May the children have been taking it in turns to crown Mary. They have prayed to Mary and sang some beautiful hymns. (25.5.18)

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Y2 — Toy Party

On Thursday 24th May, the children had a wonderful time preparing food for a welcome back party for their toys. (25.5.18)

Y2 — Toys

On Wednesday 23rd May the children in year 2 had some surprise visitors – their toys returned from space attached to balloons! (25.5.18)

Great Fire of London

We had lots of fun using methods from 1666 to put out a fire. Not sure they had this much fun at the time of The Great Fire of London! Enjoy the slide show. (21.5.18)


Easter Concert for Parents

Thank you to the Year 2 children who performed fantastically for parents/carers on Monday 26th March. The children all know ….”why there’s such a fuss….”. Have a happy and holy Easter. Enjoy the video. (28.3.18)


Y2 — Letter Replies

Year 2 children really enjoyed reading their replies. Thank you ! (19.3.18)


Healthy Snack Tasting

Our Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed tasting the healthy snacks recently that children have been bringing into school to taste. (8.2.18)


Night Time Walk

Year 2 enjoyed a night time walk around school on Tuesday 23rd January. We hope you enjoy the slideshow. (1.2.18)


Nick Butterworth Day

The children had a wonderful day on Friday 1st December at their Nick Butterworth Day. The children had been asked to dress up as a character from their guided reading books. The children looked fabulous, thank you for all your support. (11.12.17)

Class 2S


Class 2v


Year 2 — Dunham Massey Trip

As part of our topic on families, Year 2 is studying how families celebrated Christmas in Victorian times. They attended a Victorian Christmas workshop at Dunham Massey on Tuesday, 28th November. The children will spent the day working with the staff at Dunham Massey to prepare the house for Christmas. Throughout the day the children played the part of servants helping to prepare for a grand country house Christmas. After meeting the existing servants, they were put to work below stairs preparing traditional Christmas treats.

Each child had hands-on experience of one of the following activities:

1. Making Christmas crackers or miniature wreaths

2. Baking festive buns

3. Creating pomanders

4. Making biscuits and Christmas boxes

Outside, the children assisted the Gamekeeper in finding the poacher on Lord Stamford’s estate. Along the way they discovered some of the outdoor Christmas tasks servants performed. At the end they had to decide whether to inform the Gamekeeper that they know the identity of the poacher. You’ll have to ask your child what they did….(8.12.17)

Here are some more photographs of Class 2S at Dunham Massey……………………..(15.12.17)

Year 2 — “Settling In….”

The children in Year 2 have been having lots of fun settling into their new classes. (22.9.17)