Year 4

Quarry Bank Mill Trip — Monday 5th March

Year 4 enjoyed a trip back in time on Monday 5th March. They were lucky enough to visit Quarry Bank Mill, a famous cotton mill, in Cheshire. Unfortunately, due to renovations, most of the mill itself was closed. Instead, the children took part in workshops about what life was like at Quarry Bank Mill. Our pupils were able to walk around the grounds and also visit the apprentice house too. It was an excellent trip and the pupils’ behaviour was superb. Seeing and hearing about the hard work done in the factory by children during the Industrial Revolution has made the children reflect on how lucky we are in St Vincent’s! (20.3.18)

Class 4S


Class 4V


4S — Advent Raffle

During Advent, the children in 4S have been selling raffle tickets to raise money to support refugee children. They raffled a large bar of chocolate and a ‘Kevin the Carrot’ and collected a hundred pounds. We have been very impressed by their interest in the problems faced by other children in different parts of the world. The lucky winner was Matthew. (5.1.18)

Matthew with award

Y4 — Linking Up With India

On Wednesday 13th December the children in 4S took part in a live link up with a class of children in rural southern India.

Currently there is a shortage of over a million teachers in India and there are severe shortages in rural locations. To help solve the problems many Indians living in other countries, including Britain and New Zealand as well as India, offer to teach children via Skype. This is organised by eVidyaloka, a small non -profit making organisation which currently has 200 volunteers.

The children at St Vincent’s were invited to take part by Suchitra Hegde, who is a volunteer for the eVidyaloka in Bangalore. The link up was to celebrate the fact that there are now over 100 schools involved in learning this way.

Our children greatly enjoyed the opportunity to speak to other children in living in such a different environment. Their children, very impressively, greeted us in English. Both classes performed songs for each other, and also demonstrated how they learn their tables. They explained to each what they would do on a typical day and the sort of games they play and even what they eat for breakfast! Very kindly, Gururaja Hegde came into St Vincent’s to translate for us as the children in the Indian school speak Kannada, the third oldest language in the world.

Despite a few technical problems at the start, the children were able to see and hear each other clearly using the whiteboard in our classroom. (5.1.18)

Video added 26.1.18. We hope you enjoy.

Y4 — French Nativity

On Thursday 14th December our Year 4 children performed a french nativity in church for parents and carers. We hope you enjoy the video below. (5.1.18)


Friday 1st December 2017

Year 4 had a wonderful time creating their own Lost Thing, based on our current class novel, ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan. Take a look at our creations (and our messy classrooms!). (11.12.17)


Egyptian Day

Year 4 had a fantastic day, learning about the Ancient Egyptians on Monday 13th November. Through our wonderful visitors from Tempus Fugit Educational Theatre Company, the children took part in a variety of activities including drama and storytelling. We also looked at different artefacts and learnt what life was like for the poor in Ancient Egypt too. The children learned a great deal and were very well behaved. (29.11.17)


Y4 Bonfire Poems

4V enjoyed writing simile poems about Bonfire Night. We even made them into Bonfire artwork! (29.11.1)

Egyptian Sarcophagi

In the week before half-term the children in Year 4 brought in their sarcophagi and explained how they had made them. The models were amazing! The materials used ranged from plastic and cardboard, cake and even chocolate! As you can see from the photographs, a great deal of time and effort was put into making these models and we would like to thank the parents for their support with this project. (19.10.17)