Year 5

Butterfly Release

This term Year 5 have been covering the Science topic of Animals and their Habitats. As part of this topic, the children have been learning about life cycles. In order to bring this topic to life, we have had our very own caterpillars in class and have learnt about the different stages of a caterpillar’s life. This week our caterpillars completed their transformation into beautiful butterflies and we released them into the wild. (12.7.18)

Year 5

In Literacy, Year 5 are reading the brilliant book, Charlotte’s Web by EB White, which is about a spider called Charlotte, who tries to save the life of a pig called Wilbur, by weaving words into her web about him. We have worked for two weeks, in mixed groups across the year group, on creating a radio broadcast about the first time a word appeared in the spider’s web about Wilbur. We hope you enjoy our broadcasts! (12.7.18)

Mrs McGrail Group 1


Mrs McGrail Group 3


Mrs McGrail Group 5

Mr Dalton Group 1


Mr Dalton Group 2

Mr Dalton Group 5


Pirate Day

Year 5 had a brilliant time during their pirate day, celebrating the end of the year group novel that we have been studying in Literacy, Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. We sang pirate songs and learnt a sailor’s dance called The Hornpipe, had a pirate fashion show and finished the day by watching The Muppets Treasure Island. The children looked amazing – thank you to our parents for your support with the homemade costumes! (12.7.18)

Pirate Song


Flowers — Science — 5S

As part of our science topic ‘Living Things and Their Habitats,’ 5S cut open some flowers to identify the male and female parts of a plant, whilst we were learning about plant reproduction. Using magnifying glasses, we dissected the female ovary and the male anthers to study the male and female cells that play a part in the fertilisation of a flower. We even found the eggs in the ovary that turn into seeds when the pollen has fertilised the ovary. Well done to 5S for great scientific inquiry and questioning. (12.7.18)


Year 5

On Thursday 26th April, St Vincent’s took part in our ‘Walk, Jog, Run’ event to raise money for St Joseph’s Penny and CAFOD. This year, Pope Francis launched a campaign called ‘Share the Journey’, a new global campaign to stand up for the rights of refugees and migrants.

In support of the campaign, CAFOD are aiming to walk 24,901 miles – the distance around the whole world! It’s an act of solidarity to ‘Share the Journey’ with our global neighbours fleeing their homes. During our ‘Walk, Jog, Run’ St Vincent’s completed 729 miles – a seventh of the World’s total!!!!!!! Well done everyone and thank you to those who have already brought their sponsor money in.

We hope you enjoy the short slideshow of our Year 5 children. (15.5.18)

The Listeners

For their homework this week, Class 5S were set the challenge of learning some of the poem ‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare off by heart for a group performance in class. Below is a video of their work – a big thank you for supporting the children whilst they learnt their lines. (27.3.18)

Video One

Video Two


Jodrell Bank Trip

Year 5 had a very exciting and interesting day at Jodrell Bank on Tuesday 26th September, learning all about the Lovell Telescope, the stars and the planets in our solar system. They learn about the Mars Rover Missions and how to land a rover on the surface of Mars. They also experienced an awe inspiring stars and planet show in the planetarium. It was a great day and the visit has inspired lots of the children to be astronomers and astrophysicists!! (10.10.17)

Class 5S


Class 5V

Settling In

The children in Year 5 have settled well into their Year 5 classes, we hope you enjoy the slideshow below of the first few days in September. (9.10.17)