Welcome to Reception Classes

The teachers in Year R are Miss Crossley and Miss Lawlor.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Moore, Mrs. Roylance and Mrs. Thompson.

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Reception children to St.Vincent’s.


Homes and the Community

25th September

Thank you to those of you who have sent a photograph of your home to assist with our project on ‘Homes and the Community’. If you have not yet sent a photo please do so by Wednesday 30th September. Our first topic lesson will be about the children’s homes and families. A photo of their home will really stimulate learning and encourage them to talk about themselves.

Many thanks,
Reception team

You can email –


Reception Parents

24th September

When ordering your child’s filling to go in to their school sandwich, please can you only choose a filling you know they like.

Any issues please email

Thank you


Remote Online Learning (Short Term 2 – 4 days)

21st September

Please find below some remote online learning resources for any student(s) who are self- isolating for between 2-4 days whilst awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Your child has been given an exercise book to use to write the answers in, there is no need to print out the worksheets.
1 Recognising Numerals
2D shape
All about me!
handwriting sheets
I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 2 Set 1
I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 2 Set 2
I Spy and Read Activity – Phase 2 Set 3
Number formation
oOrdering-numerals-to-20 updated – updated 25 9 20
ordering numerals to 10
Rhyming words
Scissor skills
Simple challenge ideas for around the home

PE Reception

21st September

Reminder the PE day for Reception is on Thursday,  all children will need to come to school in their outdoor PE clothing and trainers.  They will stay in these clothes all day, so please remember waterproof jacket.  Thank you.


Information for Reception Parents

21st September


Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you and your families are well. As your child starts their first full week in school we’d like to take the time to let you know what a great start they have made to school life! We are very happy with how they have settled in and how quickly they have learnt the new school routines. As the Autumn term continues our main focus will be to support the development of personal and social skills as they form new relationships. An Autumn newsletter ( explains our learning coverage for the first term. Our first topic is about home and the community. To assist with our learning we would greatly appreciate it if you could email an image (please detail the name of your child’s teacher in the subject line), of your child’s home and talk to them about where they live. These images will be printed in school and used to create a small world village of our houses to form the foundation of future lessons.

Furthermore, as you have already been informed, we are currently unable to send home reading books. To support the reading skills that we are teaching in school please continue to read your own books to and with your child. As you read it is very valuable to discuss the sounds, words, rhythm, rhymes, story, characters and illustrations etc. Please find attached a document which gives some ideas of some of the things you could discuss. Alongside, the teaching of Phonics, we will also be teaching the children to read ‘High Frequency Words’ (HFW).  HFW are words we learn to read without decoding (they are read automatically without identifying any sounds). Attached is a list of the words we will be teaching and a document which gives examples of the different ways these words could be learnt in a fun way at home.

We appreciate your support with the children’s learning but please note our main concern at this time is of course their welfare and happiness.

Many thanks,

Reception Team

HTR Rec 1

HTR Rec 2

F & KS1 Sight

Questions to Support


Curriculum Newsletter – Autumn 2020

Click here to view.


Reception Day to Day Information

4th September

Dear Parents / Carers,

I hope you and your families are all well.

From September, many of the existing safety measures will continue to be applied along with a few additional measures, these include;

  • Maximum of 30 children in any one classroom (known as a class ‘Bubble’)
  • Each class ‘Bubble’ will have the same teacher and a TA throughout
  • Children in class ‘Bubbles’ will not mix with other children for other ‘bubbles’ in school
  • All children will be seated facing forward in class
  • Drop off and pick up times will be staggered
  • Playtimes and dinnertimes will be staggered
  • The playground will be zoned off for different class ‘Bubbles’.
  • Children will eat their lunch in their classrooms
  • Enhanced cleaning routines including handwashing will continue
  • All staff will continue to observe the 2m distancing rule wherever possible.


Start and End of the School Day

Reception children only will use the Reception entrance gate situated off the ‘horseshoe’ on Edenfield Road.  Miss Lawlor’s children will enter school through the classroom door, Miss Crossley’s children will enter through the KS1 playground.

Please be aware that, due to current safety measures, school staff are not able to pick up or hold the hand of any child.  If your child is upset coming into school, you may wish to take him/her away and come back on their next allocated day.

So that all children enter and leave school safely, it is necessary to stagger start and finish times of the day. Below, are the start and finish times.


Year group Start time Finish time
Y6 8.45 3.20
Y5 8.45 3.20
Y4 8.40 3.10
Y3 8.40 3.10
Y2 8.40 3.10
Y1 8.30 3.00
Rec 8.30 3.00

 These measures are to ensure the class bubbles remain safe, they will be regularly reviewed.  School recognises that these arrangements may inconvenience you if you have children in different year groups, please be patient with us as all measures are for the safety of the whole school community.


School Dinners

There will not be a ‘hot lunch’ option provided for children until October ½ term when the current situation is reviewed.

  • All children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 are entitled to a Government funded ‘free’ dinner.  These children will be provided with a ‘cold’ option (choice of sandwiches).
  • For any children in receipt of ‘free school meals’ school will provide a ‘cold’ option.
  • Parents can provide their child /children with a packed lunch from home if they wish. This must be in a disposable bag, no Tupperware, metal cutlery or any packaging that requires adult assistance e.g. screw top yoghurts, yoghurt tubes etc. No lunch boxes are to be brought into school.


Before and Aftercare

Due to the current situation, school will not be able to offer before or after care until further notice.  You will be informed of any changes.


Reading Books and Homework

Reading books will not be sent home until further notice. School is looking at a number of e-reading schemes that parents will be able to access as home readers.

Spelling lists and homework will be sent home in plastic wallets. Reading book folders will not be needed until further notice.


PE Kits

From September PE will take place outside until further notice. The Reception children will have PE each Thursday and commence on Thursday, 24th September.  We ask that the children wear their PE kit to school for the full day. Your child will need jogging bottoms and a warm top as well as a shower proof jacket and appropriate outdoor PE footwear.  PE bags will not be needed in school until further notice.


General Equipment

School will provide each child with all the equipment they need e.g. pencils, pens, coloured pencils, rubbers and rulers. Children will not need to bring pencil cases into school.  Children should not bring any rucksacks / sports bags into school.


Water Bottles

Children do not need to bring their own water bottle in to school, water will be provided for the children.


School Entrance

As parents are unable to come into school during the current situation, we ask that for the first ½ term all communication between parents and school is via email or telephone.  This will be reviewed in accordance with the latest Government guidance.


Contact Information

Please ensure that school has your correct contact information and that you have made us aware of any of your child’s medical or dietary needs.


Kind Regards,

Mr. S. Callaghan

Head Teacher


Useful links:

Please find below a link to a really useful website ‘Hungry Little Minds’ which provides simple fun ideas and activities to support children from birth to 5 years old. Here you will also find appropriate apps and websites for your child to use as well as a link to local activities/clubs for children to partake in.


Prepare your child for school:

Settling In

Top tips for Reading:

Reading At Home


Information around supporting your child’s communication:

Dummy Use
Saying Sounds
Tips for Talking
Turn Taking



Reading at Home

Reminder please can you ensure you read with your child at home and write a short comment or sign their reading records appropriately.  Thank you.


Please find below the useful information from the Reception Curriculum meeting;

End of Reception expectations

The seven areas of learning outlined in the Early Years Curriculum lead into 17 ‘Early Learning Goals’ (ELG). These ELG’s state the government expectation for Reception children at the end of their first year of school. Whilst these end goals are relevant to bear in mind, it is important that children do not miss out on the many developmental steps along the way. The characteristics of learning running through and underpining all seven areas of learning and development focus on processes rather than outcomes. The three characteristics to which all learning is measured are identified as playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. Your child will be learning many new skills and we will be working with you on how best to support and help your child to achieve or exceed the goals by the end of the year.

At the end of the reception year, a ‘good level of development is defined by the government as achieving all the goals numbered 1 – 12. For this we would expect children to be independently demonstrating these skills (i.e. without support). The final goals (numbered 13-17) are also significant and count towards an overall score of developmental progress for each child. We realise that all children are individual and may require different levels of support in moving forward towards or beyond these goals during the year.

End of year expectations (click here)

Cursive Letter formation (click here)

At St. Vincent’s we follow ‘Letters and Sounds’. Children in Reception will recap phase 1 (encouraging them to tune into sounds around them), before moving through phase 2, 3 and 4. Throughout these phases, phonemes (sounds) will be learnt along with high frequency words and ‘tricky words’. Children will also learn to link sounds to letters and begin to form these as graphemes (written form).
Phonics glossary document (click here)
Link to pure sounds link
Jolly phonics songs


Please can you not send your child into school with an umbrella. We unfortunately do not have the space to accommodate them and they are health and safety hazard. Thank you.


Internet Safety

The following links provide key information and useful tips for keeping your child safe online. Please familiarise yourself with the content.




As promised please click on link below to view the morning and evening prayers for our Reception Children.

prayers for Reception




Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an award-winning website for primary school children. It enables the children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. The children will be provided with an individual login to support topics that have been covered in class. Click on link below to access the site:-