Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 Classes

Your teachers are Mr. Babbs, Mrs. Sprowell (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs. Pointon (Thursday and Friday).

Our teaching assistants are Ms Nagorska, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Singh.


Remote Online Learning (Short Term 2 – 4 days)

23rd September

Please find below some remote online learning resources for any student(s) who are self- isolating for between 2-4 days whilst awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Your child has been given an exercise book to use to write the answers in, there is no need to print out the worksheets.
Direct Speech
Direct Speech worksheet
Direct Speech. Speech Marks PPT
Spot the Missing Speech Marks
Using Said Synonyms in Direct Speech
Improving Vocabulary
Improving Vocabulary – Thesaurus Needed
Letter Writing
y4 letter writing
There, Their and They’re
Homophones Practice Activity Sheet Theyre There Their
There Their and Theyre Homophones Fill in the Gaps Cards
There Their and Theyre Homophones PowerPoint
Roman Numerals
Activity Sheets
Roman Numeral Introduction
Times Tables
Curriculum Times Tables Poster
Reading Comprehension Skills Challenge Cards pages 1 to 6
Reading Comprehension Skills Challenge Cards pages 7 to 12
Reading Comprehension Skills Challenge Cards pages 13 to 16



Class 4S

15th September

Dear Parent

This morning I was informed of a positive case of Coronavirus in 4S.

The procedure is that the class bubble will close for 14 days from today – the children will be expected to return to school on Tuesday 29th September. Your child needs to remain at home during this period but does not need to have a coronavirus test. As having a test will not change the need to isolate.

However, if your child becomes ill with symptoms of coronavirus the 14 day isolation period begins again from the day your child displayed symptoms.

School will be in touch soon to organise remote learning during this line. Please be patient with us as we endeavour to support you and your child. If you need any further advice please contact school.

Thank you
Mr Callaghan


Year 4 – School Timetable

Monday4S - Your child needs to come to school in their full PE kit and will stay in this for the full day. (Waterproof jacket required)
TuesdaySpellings and Maths homework given out and marked.
Wednesday4V - Your child needs to come to school in their full PE kit and will stay in this for the full day. (Waterproof jacket required)


Please ensure all jumpers, coats, water bottles and plastic bags with your lunch are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Microsoft Teams 4S

Microsoft Teams 4V

Internet Safety

The following links provide key information and useful tips for keeping your child safe online. Please familiarise yourself with the content.




Nurturing Self-Confidence

At the parents’ information evening, we referred to Nurturing Self-Confidence –  a guide for parents with some ideas about how we can bolster the self confidence of our children.

One of the best things we can do for our children is to instil a strong sense of self-confidence. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the loudest child in the room – quiet, more introverted people can still be confident, and louder people are often masking insecurity. But self-confidence is key to maintaining good mental health in later life, so the more we can do when our children are young, the better.  Click on document below to view.

Y4 Building Self Confidence



Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an award-winning website for primary school children. It enables the children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. The children have been provided with an individual login to support topics that have been covered in class. Click on link below to access the site:-




Ways to help your child:

  • Practise tables!!! 2-12
  • measurement and weight
  • money problems
  • simple addition and subtraction
  • simple multiplication and division
  • counting forward and back from a given number
  • to practise telling the time



Here are a list of some websites you may find useful for your children:-


Woodlands Maths:

BBC KS2 Maths:




Crickweb Numeracy:


Woodlands Literacy:

BBC KS2 Literacy:

Crickweb Literacy:


Please read the Curriculum Newsletter to find out all about your child’s targets for this term and all of the topics the class is covering in all the different curriculum areas.