Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 Classes

Your teachers are Mr. Babbs, Mrs. Sprowell (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs. Pointon (Thursday and Friday).

Our teaching assistants are Miss Robertson, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Singh and Mrs. Surgeon.


(Photographs to follow soon)


PE Timetable

Monday4S - PE Kits
Tuesday4V - Swimming until 28th Jan (then PE lesson will be a Thursday pm)
Wednesday4V/4S - PE Kits
Thursday4V - From 6th February - PE Kits needed

Spring Curriculum Newsletter

Click here to view to view the latest newsletter.


Internet Safety

The following links provide key information and useful tips for keeping your child safe online. Please familiarise yourself with the content.




Nurturing Self-Confidence

At the parents’ information evening, we referred to Nurturing Self-Confidence –  a guide for parents with some ideas about how we can bolster the self confidence of our children.

One of the best things we can do for our children is to instil a strong sense of self-confidence. This doesn’t necessarily mean they will be the loudest child in the room – quiet, more introverted people can still be confident, and louder people are often masking insecurity. But self-confidence is key to maintaining good mental health in later life, so the more we can do when our children are young, the better.  Click on document below to view.

Y4 Building Self Confidence



Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an award-winning website for primary school children. It enables the children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. The children have been provided with an individual login to support topics that have been covered in class. Click on link below to access the site:-


Individual Reading

Each week the children get the opportunity to choose a book to take home. They are expected to read at home at least three times a week and we ask you to record this in their reading record. The book can be changed after a week or kept for longer. Even if your child is a confident reader you can help them by asking questions about the book to check their understanding.

Check that they understand the meaning of words. Also ask them why certain punctuation is being used. Children can be asked to summarise the story or to discuss the characters in the book and why they like them or dislike them. It is useful for children to be able to talk about the types of books they like: science fiction historical, adventure, etc.

Some children will read everyday at school but most will be heard by the teacher once a week and also a TA once a week in guided reading.

Dojos are rewarded to children who read three times or five times a week.


Guided Reading

This is when a group of children of similar reading ability, read a book together. The teacher will ask questions to check their understanding, to check inference and also have a structured discussion about characters and the plot.

During daily 30 minute guided reading time the children who are not reading with the teacher will be involved in a variety of other reading activities. They may be reading non-fiction books magazines or topic based books.

Our aim with all the reading activities is to ensure their reading skills develop but also to promote and foster reading for enjoyment.

Improving your child’s reading skills is one of the best ways of helping your child succeed at school.

Your child will be put in groups with changing days.


Rewards in Year 4

  • Raffle tickets for weekly raffle
  • House points dojos
  • Dojos



A four week homework assignment will be sent out every half term.  They will be handed in every Monday.



Spelling will be sent home every Thursday for a test the following Thursday Please help your child learn their spellings each week.

Challenge Spellings

In school your child will also be learning additional spellings as part of the revised National Curriculum.

Please learn these alongside weekly spellings.  There will be a test on a half termly basis.



Ways to help your child:

  • Practise tables!!! 2-12
  • measurement and weight
  • money problems
  • simple addition and subtraction
  • simple multiplication and division
  • counting forward and back from a given number
  • to practise telling the time



Here are a list of some websites you may find useful for your children:-


Woodlands Maths:

BBC KS2 Maths:




Crickweb Numeracy:


Woodlands Literacy:

BBC KS2 Literacy:

Crickweb Literacy:


Please read the Curriculum Newsletter to find out all about your child’s targets for this term and all of the topics the class is covering in all the different curriculum areas.