Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 Classes

Ms France, Mrs. Golding, Mrs. Rothwell and Mrs. Shewan would like to welcome the children to Year 5. To help your child get themselves into a routine we would be grateful if you can make sure they are aware of what they need to bring into school each day.

Our teaching assistants for this year are Mr Dunn, Mrs Smith & Miss Robertson.


Remote Online Learning (Short Term 2 – 4 days)

22nd September

Please find below some remote online learning resources for any student(s) who are self- isolating for between 2-4 days whilst awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Your child has been given an exercise book to use to write the answers in, there is no need to print out the worksheets.


1) Below is a link to the White Rose website (no cost), which links to the learning we are completing in school. There are generally 5 lessons for each week, covering Monday-Friday.

Week 1 is for the week beginning 7th September, week 2 is the week beginning 14th September, week 3 is the week beginning 21st September and so on.

You can complete any of this work in the squared book you took home.


2) Please log onto TTRS to practise your times tables.


3) Here are some worksheets to practise your mental maths addition skills.

Mental addition 1

mental addition 2

Mental addition 3

mental addition 4

Mental addition 5

Mental maths support 1

mental maths support 2

Mental maths support 3


Below is a booklet called ‘The Ultimate Guide to Elves and Sprites‘.

Read the instructions and work your way through it. It will lead to you eventually writing an information text.

Remember to write in the lined book you’ve taken home.


Talk for Writing Y5 THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ELVES and SPRITES (Information Text) (1)



Below are 3 different ‘reading for pleasure’ resources from Oak Academy online (no cost), each containing 2 lessons.

Play the videos and follow the teacher’s instructions. Any written work can be completed  in your lined books.




Below you will find links to Oak Academy, providing work linked to key areas of the Y5 grammar curriculum. There are 5 lessons in each area. Complete any written work in your lined book.


Sentence level work:

Word level work: 

Punctuation  level work:



1) Here you will find the Year 3/4 and 5/6 challenge spellings for you to practise in your lined books. Practise no more than ten words at a time.

It might be best to start with the Y3/4 words first, because there will be some you didn’t cover in Y4 during ‘lockdown’.

Don’t forget to look, say, cover, write and check like we have shown you.

You may want to make it more fun by making up a game using the spellings e.g. write two copies of each word on pieces of paper/card and play ‘pelmanism’ (find the matching pairs and then spell the word).

As an extra challenge, can you include these words in a sentence?   Y3/4 spelling list spelling list


2)You could also log onto the Spelling Frame website (no cost), where there are games and activities to practise your spellings.

Year five and six

Year three and four




DayTeacher(s) - 5V
MondayMrs Shewan
TuesdayMrs Shewan
WednesdayMrs Golding
ThursdayMrs Golding
FridayMrs Golding


DayTeacher(s) - 5S
MondayMrs Rothwell
TuesdayMrs Rothwell
WednesdayMs France
ThursdayMs France
FridayMs France



Year 5 School Timetable

Monday5V - Spelling test today.
Tuesday5V - New spellings handed out.
Wednesday5S - Your child needs to come to school in their full PE kit and will stay in this for the full day. (Waterproof jacket required).

5V - Arithmetic homework given and marked today.

5S - Spelling test today and new ones handed out.
Thursday5V - Your child needs to come to school in their full PE kit and will stay in this for the full day. (Waterproof jacket required).

5S - Arithmetic homework given and marked today.


Microsoft Teams 5S

Microsoft Teams 5V

Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an award-winning website for primary school children. It enables the children to explore and enhance their knowledge in a fun and creative way. The children have been provided with an individual login to support topics that have been covered in class. Click on link below to access the site:-


Education City

The children have been given an individual logon to access this useful website.